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Health Platform that delivers the most updated and accurate information to help people make the best decision regarding their healthcare.


At HealthBee, we deliver quick, comprehensive and objective data on our crowd-sourcing platform. Our goal is to reveal the benefits and risks of each drug, while offering a service that’s unique and reliable. Through our commitment to accuracy and dedication to information sharing, we remain focused on achieving our vision of helping individuals make informed decisions about pharmaceuticals.

We are a small team based in Boulder, Colorado, working to make HealthBee the preeminent portal for individuals in need of unbiased health data. We deliver crowd-sourced information on pharmaceuticals and their respective side effects. And expanding our platform to bringing updated info on Covid-19 data.  By collating information from existing patients, we’re able to show both physicians and the general public the likelihood of each symptom. With nearly 200 million Americans taking prescribed drugs, it’s important that individuals are able to weigh their options and determine the best course of action. 


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