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Can drinking coffee help with ADHD

My husband, who is 65 years old drinks about 5 cups of coffee a day. When Starbucks has a good quarter, it's mainly because of my husband annual intake of coffee, and the local starbucks is his favorite coffee shop. Anyways, ever since we have been together, it is clear that he suffers from at least a mild condition of ADHD. He is always fidgeting, needs constant distraction to work, hence starbucks is his 2nd office -- and generally hyperactive most of the time. He is a climate scientist by the way. Always traveling, and in constant need of coffee. The strange thing about it is that coffee seems to calm him down. And yet coffee is supposed to a stimulant. Has anybody seen or read anything about how coffee impacts people with ADHD?

Posted by Lauren on 05/26/2015


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